Experience effortless luxury vinyl flooring installation with the trusted professionals at Vallow Floor Coverings, Inc. in Edwardsville, IL.

Luxury Vinyl Installation | Vallow Floor Coverings, Inc.

Before installing your Luxury Vinyl

Our luxury vinyl flooring installation professionals are dedicated to expertise and meticulous attention to detail that will create a space with irresistible charm.

Before our skilled teams arrive to transform your flooring, it's important to follow a few steps to ensure a seamless and efficient process.

  • Make arrangements to remove your existing flooring.
  • Make any necessary repairs to the subfloor, and prepare it for the installation, including removing any debris.
  • Remove all furniture, décor, and empty all closets in the rooms where your flooring will be installed.
  • Complete any projects such as painting baseboards or woodwork.
  • Arrange to be home on your installation day and prepare to keep children and pets out of the rooms where new floors will be installed.

Luxury Vinyl care & maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of luxury vinyl flooring is crucial for preserving its beauty and longevity. By establishing a routine, you can ensure your flooring remains in pristine condition, enhancing its appeal and protecting your investment for years to come.


Though the installation of luxury vinyl flooring is easy enough for many homeowners, it's best to leave it in the hands of skilled professionals, ensuring flawless results from the start. At Vallow Floor Coverings, Inc., we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, offering expert guidance, responsive support, and a worry-free experience. Embrace your next flooring project with confidence, knowing you'll love working with us every step of the way.

Vinyl flooring | Vallow Floor Coverings, Inc.

Luxury Vinyl inspiration

Browse our luxury vinyl inspiration gallery and let your imagination soar. Discover stunning design possibilities and envision the perfect flooring solution that reflects your unique style and preferences.

Design consultation | Vallow Floor Coverings, Inc.


Work one-on-one with an expert designer as you plan for your next project. Whether you're doing small renovations or taking on a completely new design, we've got the experience you need to make the process not only streamlined but fun! Contact us today for more information.